“Your visions will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”

- Carl Jung



About You

You are the Wild One.

When you hear me call you the Wild One, you know I am speaking to your soul. You identify with the divine feminine energy. You are a life coach and a healer who has a spiritual curiosity, open heart and an open mind. You honor and respect nature and nature beings.

Horses are your power animal even if you don’t know it yet. You are deeply spiritual even if you are not quite out of the spiritual closet yet. You carry around oracle card decks in the privacy of your purse never pulling them out unless it feels safe to do so. You swing your pendulum in secret when no one else is watching.

You crave spiritual connection and delight at the idea of infusing it into your business. You just need to feel safe to do so. You are hiding in the spiritual closet, afraid to authentically market your services because of fear of judgement of your spiritual awakening.

You see, you identify with a wild horse and wild horses are perceived as unpredictable and even dangerous, but that is only when humans try and “break them”. If left to your wild nature you are sensitive, energetic and attuned to natures rhythms.

You experience imposter syndrome when you try to put yourself out there to get clients. You do not yet understand that marketing is all about love, and when you open your heart to your simple business plan, your aligned marketing plan and release your fear, you can manifest clients who are delighted to pay you.

You are looking for a tribe of like minded people who identify with the wild horse. You desire to be near the element of water. Water is key to your survival and for you to thrive because it nourishes your body and soul.

You are a little skittish and shy around humans, you long to be free and you desire to remain untamed. Nature did not condition a wild one for the trappings of civilization. You are trapped by a culture, systems and humans that want you to conform. And insists on your domestication and try to tame your wild nature and wild spirit.


Hi Love,

I’m Jenn T Peterson.

I help you, the wild one, release fear, gain clarity and increase confidence so you can connect with your ideal clients and start marketing and selling your services. I do this so you can be wildly successful at life and get on with the business of helping the world.

I spent 15+ years as a senior advertising executive advising Fortune 500 companies on how to identify their ideal customers. Then I gave them a roadmap on how to connect with those customers. I earned 3 of the highest awards for effectiveness in advertising while working on brands that had values that matched my own.

I am a Certified Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher. I work intuitively with horse energy. I teach you my Fear Release Formula and my I AM Method For Manifesting and The Gold Trinity.

You'll release your fear of success, failure and being seen and you'll fall in love with your marketing. 

I’m very familiar with the lack of clarity that comes from the sea of choices available to you while marketing your services to potential clients. I’ve spent the past several years working with horses, training with shamanic healers, and healing my own energy. I did this so that I could create a business that authentically expressed my soul’s purpose. Now it’s my turn to help you.