How I Stopped Feeling Disconnected, Frustrated, Confused, Lonely, Stuck & Fearful

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I DESIRE EVERYONE to unleash their true self. The TRUE self is powerful and 100% Authentic. Authentic is kind of like when your inside intention matches your outside expression. I wrote this book because feeling like a fraud and hiding at a soul-killing desk job should be illegal. I want to FREE ALL the souls that were created to soar high in the sky and to live lives that make a difference in the world. 

Within these pages is my story, how I discovered how to be free and how you can do the same. Let's start this journey of discovery and vulnerability together, shall we? 

I want my work to touch the lives of many women that are ALSO called to change and touch the lives of MANY!

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Warning: Once you achieve true freedom, you'll never settle for less!


This Ebook Is For You If...

 Live Life On Purpose

You want to figure out where you are stuck in your life, relationships and business. You want to use your gifts without limits or apologies.

 Unleash Your True Self 

You want to drop the counterfeit version of the self that you feel safe sharing. You want to live in alignment with the person you were created to be. The self that is powerful, magnificent and 100% authentic.

 Trust Your Intuition

You want to never second guess yourself again. You KNOW that everything is connected. You believe and are open to intuitive healing.

I’m Jenn T Peterson.

I specialize in personal and business development with horses. I help you release fear to market and sell your services.

The book - True Freedom was inspired by my life journey. You'll learn how I attracted all the wrong relationships in my life. You'll see how I took control of my life, and found purpose. You'll learn how I began a harmonious relationship with my business and how I turned my life around a decade ago.

It's never too late to turn your life around and start living your purpose. I did it, and you too can do it! Download my free ebook today. Learn how you can stop feeling stuck, frustrated, disconnected and fearful in life and business!

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