Be wildly successful 

At Life

Want increase calm, clarity, confidence and courage?

The School Of Self Leadership is for you. 

The school of life can be very stressful especially when you aren’t sure you’ll be accepted by others.

When you experience fear, the problem solving part of the brain goes offline.

When you learn to release fear, this happens...

Your nervous system calms down.

You get very clear about who you are and what you are meant to be doing.

You are confident.

You trust yourself 100% of the time.

You lead yourself naturally to the most authentic version of yourself.

This is the real you.

What is true in one area of your life is also true in other areas which is why I coach you on all areas of their life including physical health, emotional intelligence, mental health, spiritual life, career, finding love and parenting.

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Secrets Of Horse Wisdom

"Look deep into nature. You will understand everything better."

~Albert Einstein

My coaching draws on the intuitive nature of horses. 

We meet at Rising Starr Horse Rescue in Wilton, CT or we meet on Zoom.

Coaching & Healing With Horses

  • Not sure how to identify what is holding you back? Horses can help you in unlock your potential and connect you to your true nature.
  • You'll receive immediate feedback from the horse.
  • The horse can uncover what needs to heal.
  • The horse shines a light on your strengths.
  • Nature provides a quiet place for inspiration and healing. We are located at Rising Starr Horse Rescue in Wilton, CT.
  • All in person sessions take place on the ground, not on the horse.
  • Though you go on a journey, there is no horseback riding involved.
  • You do not need experience with horses, just come with an open mind and an open heart.
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Horse Biofeedback

The horse gives feedback that is not verbal and not judgmental. The horse has no agenda.


Energy of Flow

Once I shifted into curiosity, I was in a flow energy state. The horse accepted my leadership.


Energy of Struggle

I am lost in my thoughts wondering why this horse is not moving. I am desperate for him to move. I don't want to fail in front of my colleagues. I am in the energy of struggle.

Horse Body Language

The horse shows body language that is not verbal and not judgmental. The horse has no agenda.

Energy of Flow

Once you shift into curiosity, you create a flow energy state. The horse accepts your leadership.

Energy of Struggle

When you are lost in your thoughts, you are in the energy of struggle. The horses help you get back into your body and shifts you into flow.

True Freedom (How to Stop Feeling Disconnected, Frustrated, Confused, Lonely, Stuck & Fearful)


  (...and how you can too!)

  $29.95 Value

I DESIRE EVERYONE to unleash their true self. The TRUE self is powerful and 100% Authentic. Authentic is kind of like when your inside intention matches your outside expression. I wrote this book because feeling like a fraud and hiding at a soul-killing desk job should be illegal. I want to FREE ALL the souls that were created to soar high in the sky and to live lives that make a difference in the world.

Within these pages is my story, how I discovered how to be free and how you can do the same. Let's start this journey of discovery and vulnerability together, shall we?

I want my work to touch the lives of many women that are ALSO called to change and touch the lives of MANY!

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Warning: Once you achieve true freedom, you'll never settle for less!


This Ebook Is For You If...

Live Life On Purpose

You want to figure out where you are stuck in your life, relationships and business. You want to use your gifts without limits or apologies.

Unleash Your True Self

You want to drop the counterfeit version of the self that you feel safe sharing. You want to live in alignment with the person you were created to be. The self that is powerful, magnificent and 100% authentic.

Trust Your Intuition

You want to never second guess yourself again. You KNOW that everything is connected. You believe and are open to intuitive healing.

I’m Jenn T Peterson

I’m Jenn T Peterson.

I specialize in life coaching, business coaching and energy healing with horses. I help you manage stress, gain clarity, increase confidence.

The book - True Freedom was inspired by my life journey. You'll learn how I attracted all the wrong relationships in my life. You'll see how I took control of my life, and found purpose. You'll learn how I began a harmonious relationship with my business and how I turned my life around a decade ago.

It's never too late to turn your life around and start living your purpose. I did it, and you can do it too. Download my free ebook today. Learn how you can stop feeling stuck, frustrated, disconnected and fearful in life and business.

With gratitude,



I decided to change my life. I reinvented my career. I let myself be guided by intuition, shamanic practice, and horses. When I found myself in a career with no purpose, I gave myself permission to be a horse whisperer even though I had no horse experience! Now, I feel connected to myself, live life empowered and on purpose.

I am a Mindset Coach and Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher. I work with my clients in the presence of horses or virtually to help them become wildly successful by your definition of success. I am trained and certified life coach in an elite coaching style developed by Dr. Martha Beck and Koelle Simpson. I am trained and certified at the Master Teacher level in Usui Reiki and Shamanic Reiki Worldwide.

Your Results

Be Confident

Be Confident

Get the Fear Release Formula. When you release self-doubt you gain self-confidence so you can make clear authentic decisions.

Setting healthy clear boundaries

Be Brave

Get tools to release imposter syndrome, fear of failure and fear of success and every other fear that holds you back. Overcome the barriers that hold you back from being seen and heard.

Symbolizing clarity and focus

Be Clear

Get clear on all the beliefs that help your success and how to root them into your subconscious mind so they are running on autopilot.